Bereaved child: ‘Music makes me feel as if my Daddy is on my shoulders’

This heart-stopping piece of testimony comes to us from the Mayor of London’s Music Fund.

An eight year-old girl whose father died of cancer whose father died of cancer earlier this year came to London last week to receive a Mayor’s Music Scholarship and attend a violin workshop.

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, dropped in to hear the group play.

The girl’s mother wrote later to the organisers, ‘saying what a fantastic experience (her daughter) had at the awards and workshop. She said that the day was made extra special as Boris came to visit and hear their performance. She thanked us from the bottom of her heart for the wonderful opportunity. On the way home (the little girl) turned to her mum and said: “Music makes me feel as if my Daddy is on my shoulders.”’

mayor's music fund

 Don’t ever doubt the healing power of great music.


(reprinted with permission)


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