Bad seat partner? Don’t fume. Shame.

Bad seat partner? Don’t fume. Shame.


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2014

In case you haven’t discovered it, there’s a Passenger Shaming page on Facebook where you can get your own back on sub-humans who behave disgracefully beside you after takeoff.

Take a look, and tell the person next to you to put those bare feet down or he/she will be framed.

The site, started by a disgruntled air steward, is going viral. Check this CNN report.





And they say musical instruments are a problem on board aircraft.



  • erich says:

    Maybe we should start the same against concert and opera audiences’ bad habits: talking, nose-picking, eating and drinking, talking, fumbling with programmes, emailing and twittering…..

    • Neil McGowan says:

      … and, errr, taking pictures with mobile phones and gadgets like the one above… 🙂

      I once sat next to someone at a performance of WOZZECK who had come with his interpreter. The interpreter audibly translated every word that appeared on the surtitle translations. At the interval they apologised – apparently he had wanted to go to DIE FLEDERMAUS.

  • Brian says:

    … not to mention coughing and nose-blowing (of the noisy kind, preferably between movements)!

  • sdReader says:

    But if you attach their names, you can be prosecuted for defamation!

    Britain and Germany have such laws, I believe.