Attack IS: Support the Daniel Pearl Music Day

Attack IS: Support the Daniel Pearl Music Day


norman lebrecht

September 26, 2014

The WSJ journalist and musician was captured and executed by Islamists in Pakistan 12 years ago. Enlightened men and women in 132 countries are taking part in an initiative to sustain the human spirit and destroy the forces that cut short the life of a decent, innocent man.

Read what you can do here. Then do it.

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  • Christy says:

    This has been tarnished a bit by his father’s attack on the Met. Not much enlightened about that.

  • Nick says:

    I do not agree with Mr. Pearl’s fathers action – but I also cannot agree that it tarnishes the mission and effect of the Daniel Pearl World Music Days in any way whatsoever. Anything that helps bring people around the world together through music is surely to be admired and encouraged. Just seeing Ida Haendel alongside Elton John and Herbie Hancock on the TV adverts is bound to make millions sit up and take note. And when you have the backing of other artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Perlman, Streisand, John Williams, Bronfman, Pink Martini and Salman Ahmad, not only do you remind the world that music, whether it be classical, pop, rock, traditional or whatever, bridges border and cultures and can bring peoples together, but also that some good can result from a terrible act of evil barbarity.