Atlanta chair tells board: expect no end to lockout any time soon

Hardliner Karole Lloyd, who presided at the 2012 lockout, has cancelled this month’s board meeting. Here’s her memo. We might give her a ring.


aso chair

TO:                         Members, Board of Directors
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
FROM:                  Karole Lloyd
I wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to postpone next week’s regularly scheduled Board meeting.  We will reschedule the meeting for a later date.
We’re postponing because we do not anticipate any updates on the Collective Bargaining Agreement process by Monday.   If that does change, we will of course schedule a special telephone Board meeting to update you with any substantive news on the bargaining process.
In the meantime, if you have any questions you can call me at my office or my cell (numbers withheld by SD).

Karole Lloyd

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  • This whole situation is really sad. Postponing the meeting shows that they don’t want to budge or talk. They don’t even want to listen. What can you do?

  • How in the world can the board excuse NOT meeting at a time like this? Is their strategy now “stick our collective heads in the sand”.

    If they don’t want to meet and deal with or at least talk about and acknowledge this crisis they should resign from the board and let someone who is willing to do the hard work take their place.

    I am disgusted by this.

    • …and tell her that she, the entire board, and the ED are sacked. Better still, let her know the entire ASO resigns en masse and will regroup as its own separate and independent entity, with the backing of several big donors from all over the country except Atlanta.

      • My understanding is that the ASO board is more honorary and dedicated to fundraising than oversight. The actual power is in the hands of the board of trustees of the Woodruff Arts Center.

  • The board shows ‘unity’ by not allowing the opportunity for discussion and disagreement. Standard operating procedure or, to quote “The Godfather”, “Nothing personal. Just business. Business as usual.”

  • I remember reading about heavy operating loss at ASO’s outdoor venues being a major reason for their money problem. Anyone have info on that?

  • And they say Neanderthals died out?

    “People who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”
    Oscar Wilde

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