Abbey Road’s eye in the corner is no more

The photographer Godfrey MacDomnic has died, aged 84.

He was a quiet figure in the EMI studios, often unnoticed by artists by capturing them in photographs that were both historic and iconic. He worked for many years with Lebrecht Music&Arts and we deeply regret his passing. Announcement follows.

du pre macdomnic

End of a Glorious Era: Celebrating the life and work of Lebrecht photographer, Godfrey MacDomnic

It is with sadness that we report the death of Godfrey MacDomnic, Lebrecht Music & Arts photographer (1930 – 9 September 2014).    


Godfrey MacDomnic will be remembered for his iconic photos of the 1960s and 1970s ‘greats’ in classical music: in particular, Jacqueline du Pré at her peak playing the Elgar cello concerto; Stravinsky conducting; Adrian Boult musing; Sir Malcolm Sargent at the Proms; the dynamic young Daniel Barenboim; and the anguished Tennstedt. 

MacDomnic photographed many successful conductors and musicians at the start of their careers and leaves us with an invaluable record of twentieth-century classical music. Please click on the image above to enjoy a selection of his wonderful portraits.  



For more information on Godfrey MacDomnic’s work, email  



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