A Mozart masterpiece found in Budapest?

They think they have found the missing two-thirds of the original manuscript of the ever-so-popular A-major sonata (one extant sheet is kept in Salzburg).

The find is claimed by Balazs Mikusi, 42, head of the music department of the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest.

Verification will take many months, perhaps years. I shall be in Budapest next week. If time permits, I’ll try to take a peek for curiosity’s sake.

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  • Could be quite interesting. Look forward to the verification of this. (Oh, I wish we had this before I recorded the complete sonatas ūüôĀ but if verified authentic, might this become part of a new edition for this sonata, or separately available in a separate publication?)

    • Because the guys on that job will charge fees by month, for all the time it demands. They are thinking on five years, minimum. Oh, wait, they aren’t Argentines!

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