A great musician cannot pay for nursing care

The jazz trumpeter Kenny Wheeler is in trouble. Aged 84, he and his wife Doreen are in poor health, unable to play and clean out of funds.

A benefit concert has been given in North London, where Kenny made his name on arrival from Canada in 1952. More are being planned in Canada.


Wheeler’s pianist John Taylor, writes: “Kenny is at present living in a nursing home in Essex. He’s been there now for about three months. His presence there was necessitated because his wife Doreen was seriously ill and hospitalised. She is recovering now but will need a heart operation soon. I last saw Kenny a few weeks ago. He was well and in fairly good spirits but he has limited mobility and needs full-time care.”

There is a Paypal account for those who wish to contribute privately to this important and influential composer and performer.

The email address is: friendsofkennywheeler@gmail.com.

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  • Hi Norman and John,
    Would you let Barbara White (Barbara.White@redbridge.gov.uk) know the address of the care home which Kenny Wheeler is in, so that she can make calls to the MU Benevolent Fund on Kenny’s behalf?
    Best wishes,
    Paul Scott

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