Two counter-tenors among Domingo’s Operalia semi-finalists

Two counter-tenors among Domingo’s Operalia semi-finalists


norman lebrecht

August 27, 2014

Here’s the list. Finals on Saturday.

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Constans Anaïs Soprano France
Poulitsi Christina Soprano Greece
Willis-Sørensen Rachel Soprano USA
Nemzer Andrey Countertenor Russia
Chang Mario Tenor Guatemala
Holiday John Countertenor USA
Sivko Anatoli Bass Belarus
Kolosova Alisa Mezzo-soprano Russia
Lasri Abdellah Tenor Morocco
Adams Julie Soprano USA
Deonarine Kiri Soprano USA
Guerrero Joshua Tenor USA/Mexico
Li Yi Tenor China
Owens Shea Baritone USA
Woodbury Amanda Soprano USA
Xiahou Jinxu Tenor China
Lavrov Alexey Baritone Russia
Garcia Carol Mezzo-soprano Spain
Sicilia Mariangela Soprano Italy
Levis Abigail Mezzo-soprano USA
Hernandez Airam Tenor Spain


  • Nick says:

    Just to play the devil’s advocate, is there really much value in these singing competitions any more? Operalia threw up some gems in its first 7 years – Villazon, Schrott, DiDonato, Cura and Stemme. Have any winners/finalists made any real names for themselves through careers in major companies since the 2000 competition? Is it just another activity to get Domingo’s name before the public, or was it just a way to catch up with Pavarotti’s competition which started a dozen years earlier?

    I also looked back at the Cardiff Singer of the World winners. The 1980s were glory years with Mattila, Terfel and Hvorostovsky as winners, followed by Stemme as a finalist n 1993. SInce then, though, once again I wonder who has stood out? Are they really worth it?

  • Anon says:

    The competitions are extremely useful to the young singers. There may not be a breakout star for the general public’s entertainment, but for the singers, they get the opportunity to basically audition for intendants and consultants to very important opera houses and festivals, auditions they would otherwise find very hard to get. Even if a singer doesn’t win anything, an intendant may like him/her enough to give him/her a contract for a few small roles just to see how he/she develops. And who knows, in 5-10 years time, that non-winner at the competition may be the “next big thing”. Also, the prize money is worth having for these young singers. As for Domingo getting personal publicity out of it, I feel the same way about this that I do about the Ice Bucket Challenge: Celebrities may be using it to get free publicity (who can make the funniest video!), but as long as the ALS foundations are getting their much needed donations, then its not hurting anyone.

  • Nicholas Clapton says:

    Well, WHAT a surprise, some counter-tenors know how to sing. Well, SOME of us have known how to sing for quite a while! WHY is this such a surprise anymore?