Top maestros wear striped socks

Sir Antonio Pappano got down to basics with the LSO today…


pappano socks

…. only to be snapped by Maxine Kwok-Adams, the Imelda Marcos of the orchestra world.

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  • Ah yes, probably Gallo socks. They’re outrageously expensive (for a pair of socks), but definitely the coolest…

    Loved the Marcos comparison! (And I’m sure Maxine didn’t mind being compared to a dictator’s wife – we all know what you mean, Norman…)

    Thanks for this nice bit of colourful trivia.

  • Please put on a large picture, or one that can be enlarged. I’d love to see the Maestro’s socks. That said, does Maestro Pappano also wear colorful bow ties? Those are not simply acessoires, but statements! 🙂

  • Yes, please make the photos expandable. This one obdurately measures only 28.5 mm across on my ipad screen. My phone renders it at 23 mm, and the PC 36.5 mm. I see no socks, only an elbow, a trouser keg, a couple of music and mic stands and what looks like the inside of Walthamstow Town Hall in the background.


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