The very model of a modern ‘opera singer’

The very model of a modern ‘opera singer’


norman lebrecht

August 11, 2014


laura wright1

This is Laura Wright, mezzo-soprano, promoted to the tabloid press as ‘the Queen’s favourite opera singer’. (Sorry, Kiri.)

laura wright2

This is Laura, too, stripped and ready for video action. The pictures are from her new exercise video.

The things one has to do to get a chance to sing.


  • Charles says:

    How does she breath exactly?

  • GEll says:

    Peter Gelb must be drooling to sign her up. Will she be the dominatrix Octavian in the new Met regie Rosenkav?

  • Neil McGowan says:

    Her biography actually lists her as a soprano. She is very busy with modelling, playing football, and recording albums… which leaves her very little time for appearing in any time-consuming operas, sadly.

  • Neil McGowan says:

    Of course, looking good will never do you any harm in the theatrical world (and opera is, primarily, a theatrical medium). But in the competitive world of modern opera, the work primarily goes to those who can outsing the grandi voci of yore, give a great TV interview, speak 5-6 languages well (not only the language of the libretto – but the language of the country where it’s being stage), dance a fandango with the best of them, play Susanna’s mandolin solo on an actual mandolin, learn their role by themselves in advance, play the piano in Pique Dame, fence their way past Russell Crowe, have a pushy yet silver-tongued agent, survive on whatever sleep they can catch on their flight, agree with every caprice of modern-day political correctness … and look good too :))

    And that’s only to be in contention for a role 🙂

  • Peter Danish says:

    I don’t believe she is (or positions herself as) an “opera singer”. She has sung for several years with All Angels, a classical-crossover group. They are sweet enough and sound nice, but I don’t think anyone would categorize them as serious opera singers.