The battling mezzo suffers exhaustion collapse

Elisabeth Kulman, founder of ‘Art But Fair’ and a doughty warrrior for improved conditions for opera singers, has cancelled the next few weeks, on doctors orders, due to exhaustion.

She will mis the Schubertiade and several more recitals.

We wish her a speedy recovery. Opera needs lots more like Elisabeth.

elisabeth kulman

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  • Yes, the Operaworld needs much more people like Elisabeth, unfortunately the one who stands up is usually the one that looses the battle, because it is very hard to fight against a system, and often after the first rush, the others quit, they are afraid to loose work/name….

    (Been there done that, lost a lot of work and still having to deal with it)

    I hope Elisabeth recovers soon and will keep the support of the collegues in her fight!


  • YES of course! sdreader!

    But that doesn’t mean “they” will ‘save’ you from ruining your carreer….
    She is GREAT, but nobody is ‘save’ in that world of power play in Opera…
    I am sure she is under tremendous stress since the actions started, it takes it’s
    toll, nobody is so strong that it doesn’t affect you…

    I wish Elisabeth well!!!

  • She’ll be fine. She is fine. Look at her 2014-15 season … although I wouldn’t counsel all those Frickas!

    I may even sit thru BH’s Missa solemnis for her … .

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