Serge Dorny’s ballet boss is fired

The Royal Ballet Flanders has sacked artistic director Assis Carreiro after two years in the job.

She was hired from Dance East in Ipswich by a panel headed by Serge Dorny, opera director at Lyon and a considerable fixer in Belgian affairs. The appointment was far from transparent. The end was very swift. Here’s the official statement.



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  • Another example of Dorny’s arrogance and political backhandedness. Dorny was a regular speaker at Dance East’s rural retreats, organized by Carrerio. An article in the Flemish newspaper, De Standaard, alludes that a committee lead by Dorny pushed her candidature for the position of AD forward with disregard to procedure rules. Carrerio’s appointment as Artistic Director in Flanders was questioned and criticized throughout the dance community due her lack of experience and knowledge in the dance field.

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