Seiji Ozawa ‘recovered from cancer and planning next opera’

The maestro, 78, has given an ebullient press conference at the Saito Kinen festival, which is to be renamed after him:

“That somebody like me, who has suffered a major illness and underwent surgery, can speak casually about death is proof that I’ve really recovered,” he said. “Either that, or I’m really dumb – but please think of me as being recovered and active.”

Full report here.

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  • Wait. He “welcomes” the destruction of the Saito Kinen brand name he started jointly with Kazuyoshi Akiyama in 1984, eight years before the festival, and built up mostly single-handedly to global status?

    Naming the hall at Tanglewood, which is actively used, was “a little bit like a tombstone,” but naming the festival after a conductor who will not long be able to perform there is a good idea?

    Yes, perhaps he has become “really dumb.” And untrue to the Kinen of Hideo Saito he trumpeted all those years!

  • Ozawa is evidently a very nice, modest man with a sense of humour. He may not be my favourite conductor but I’m very glad he has overcome a series of life-threatening illnesses.

  • Wonderful news! I hope he continues to feel well enough to give us beautiful concerts and enjoy his family and friends.

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