Sad news: Pavarotti’s Lucia has died

Sad news: Pavarotti’s Lucia has died


norman lebrecht

August 08, 2014

The coloratura soprano Cristina Deutekom died yesterday after a fall in her home. She was 82 and was renowned for a voice of exceptional clarity and precision.

Born in Amsterdam as Christine Engel, she sang in all the great international houses opposite the top tenors of the day: Bergonzi, Gedda, Domingo, Carreras and more. She was a famous Queen of the Night and she was becoming a great Turandot when a heart attack ended her stage career in 1986. A stroke in 2004 ended her successful masterclasses.

She married a boxer.

Rest her soul.



  • Daphne Badger says:

    Why do you always have to reference a great artist by throwing another name? Deutekom is perfectly well-known enough in the opera world in her own right. A more reasoned notice wouldn’t need to shoehorn Pavarotti in just to obtain more google search results… Disrespectful.

    • Hendrik says:

      How very true!
      C(h)ristina Deutekom was a very modest artist who never boasted about the other great singers/conductors she worked with, she loved her art and made many sacrifices to reach and maintain an astounding level of performance , an example to many.

      • Rudi says:

        Disrespectful? Why then did she put all those photos with other celebreties in her books?
        You or wikepdia forgot one : Mario Del Monaco, but ur right wikepedia is often NOT a source of reliability or good taste.

    • Claudia Menlo says:

      I can only assume from the omission of any mention in the headline that Mme. Deutekom never in her life performed in Israel.

  • Nick says:

    She graced joint productions of Lucia and Ballo with Netherlands Opera and Scottish Opera in the 1970s. Excerpts from Ballo (with Charles Craig, Alexander Gibson and the then Scottish National Orchestra) are available on the CFP Silver Doubles CD series.