Rachmaninov plays Polka with his wife

Rachmaninov plays Polka with his wife


norman lebrecht

August 30, 2014

Rare audio recording. Appalling sound, but such vitality.

rachmaninov wife


  • joe salerno says:

    Not news, this recording has been circulating among collectors since the 1970s, maybe 1960s. I’m not sure but that it was released on LP by the Rachmaninoff Society in the ’50s. Been on an RCA CD. With the exception of a brief series for Edison in 1919, SVR recorded exclusively for RCA/Victor (excluding piano rolls). I’m wondering why it is showing up here, it really isn’t a surprise. I agree about the vitality. The thing isn’t playing for me at the moment, BTW.

  • Glenn Amer says:

    It was recorded at a private party in 1938, if my memory serves me correctly. Probably on a wire recorder which accounts for the sound quality. It wasn’t a commercial recording.