Non-stop Tchaikovsky at Russian airport and railway

Non-stop Tchaikovsky at Russian airport and railway


norman lebrecht

August 25, 2014

The city of Izhevsk has decided that all passengers arriving or departing by air or raiL will be accompanied by the music of Tchaikovsky. If you’re running late, Marche Slav might not put a spring in your step. You’d better hope they’s playing one of the friskier dances from Swan Lake (although that could mean dancing on one spot). Let us know if you’ve been hit by the new wall of Tchaik at Izhevsk.






  • Neil McGowan says:

    Tchaikovsky was born in the very small town of Votkinsk – in the easterly Russian province of Udmurtia. The capital of the region today is Izhevsk – and they are understandably proud of their most famous son. Next year will be the 175th anniversary of Pyotr Ilich’s birth – and although that may be a rather elliptically-shaped anniversary, I believe they intend marking it in grand style. Performances, masterclasses, competitions, events for children and much more is on the promised list of events.