Never mind the lockout, please buy our tickets

At the very moment the Met announced a new lockout deadline to its musicians and stage staff, the house changed its Facebook header to this:

met tickets

With a caption: Tickets are now on sale for the entire 2014-15 season! Visit our website, call 212-362-6000 or come down to the Met box office! 

Does anyone in that concrete bureaucracy talk to one another? Does it make any sense at all to urge people to buy tickets just as you are announcing the possibility of season cancellation? Is there anyone at home? Anyone?


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  • I am sure the inexperienced Gelb’s continual crying ‘wolf’ in public only then to climb down must be doing enormous damage to the Met. Idiotic announcements like this are a further sign of dysfunctional senior management.

  • All of these seats should have already been sold on SUBSCRIPTION. And that, folks, is the real failure of Met management over many years.

  • I do happen to have tickets for Nozze di Figaro on October 7, but will reserve a table in a nice restaurant for the same evening. If there is no show, I hope I can get the refund for the tickets. And spend it in an enjoyable way.

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