Most cultured city in the USA?

Property Shark has drawn up a list of 20 cities that have the most cultural amenities* for head of population.

The highest has to be New York, right? Wrong.

New York City comes 13th.

Los Angeles, then?

Wrong again. LA checks in at #17.


Forget it. Number 20.

So where then, where?

Check here.



* defined as ‘museums, libraries, theaters, parks, stadiums’

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  • The problem’s in the algorithm. It doesn’t factor in venue size, quality of offering, variety of offering, regularity of events, or price accessibility.

    If you used the same criteria for, say, Britain – then a tiny village offering “country house opera” for one month a year would come top. Despite few (if any) of the actual inhabitants of the village going to the event.

  • Seattle has an opera company and a symphony orchestra. Just like every German city of its size (and even smaller). The difference is, Karlsruhe (for example) doesn’t claim to be “The Most Cultured City in Germany.”

  • The really depressing thing about New York today is how little music there is left compared with bygone years. There is only one opera house and one symphony orchestra. Just compare that with London with 2 opera houses and 4 symphony orchestras.
    Maybe it has something to do with priorities as America spends 3.8 of GDP on military spending, so therefore not many $s left for music after fighting the latest war.

  • The list is a joke. Las Vegas ranks higher than San Francisco. Rrright. I guess they count slot machines as cultural achievements too.

  • As they clearly state themselves, they are “Property Sharks”. It doesn’t take much guessing what their angle will be assessing the “culture” of a city or region. I don’t think one has to consider it beyond monetary interests.

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