Metropolitan Opera latest: 3-day ceasefire before ‘done deal’ is signed

We’re hearing that negotiators on both sides of the Metropolitan Opera dispute went to bed last night happy. A single source close to the Met management tells us ‘it’s a done deal’.

Peter Gelb himself described the 72-hour hiatus as a ‘one-time only extension’, designed to give Federal negotiator Allison Beck a chance to reach a deal. In fact, we’re told, the deal is done. The negotiator’s job is to save face for both sides.

The unions, meanwhile, are claiming a moral victory in averting the lockout that should have begun this morning.

‘Our goal was to avoid a lockout tonight, said (AGMA) singers union chief Alan Gordon. ‘We achieve(d) that goal.’

Tino Gagliardi, president of the Met Orchestra’ union, Local 802, AFM, said: ‘Peter Gelb announced that he will not declare a lockout tonight. That is a constructive move. We will return to the bargaining table tomorrow, and we are prepared to do so every day after tomorrow if the mediation effort is proceeding in good faith. Why then would Mr. Gelb once again threaten a lockout if negotiations are moving forward?’

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  • Update: Crain’s New York business news quoted the union’s head today as saying that 3 days is hardly enough time to work out a compromise considering the dramatic cuts Gelb is seeking.

    Done deal? Doesn’t seem like it.

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