Lang Lang’s analysis of the tiger economy

Lang Lang’s analysis of the tiger economy


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2014

lang lang tiger

Message from the pianist: I met a Siberian tiger cub today in the city of Harbin in Northeastern China. We need to do everything we can to protect the tigers and other endangered animals!! Supporting World Wildlife Fund and other organizations like it is a great place to start!

(Not sure how his head got bitten off.)


  • Stephen says:

    Good for you, Lang Lang! Too many Chinese (and Africans), sometimes at the highest level, are bent on destroying wildlife to produce quack medicines (which shorten life not lengthen it) and ivory knicknacks.

  • Charles says:

    To all of you at Slippeddisc: I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT, behead Lang Lang! (Just in case I was accused of THAT too!)

  • sdReader says:

    Norman, it’s probably caused by an algorithm in your upload interface. This is applying a certain aspect ratio, so that each image fits your “playing card” layout. In the double width stories, this ratio will be different, allowing for just over twice the width of the single. The algorithm simplifies your work, but you can’t just throw any image at it without decapitating Lang Lang, etc. In short, not all images can work. Some can work after manual adjustment by you, but you will need to learn how to shunt an image into the best position. In the double widths, many images won’t work no matter what you do, because the aspect ratio is too extreme (nearly 9:3 it seems). For these, when you have no choice of image, you might be able to add a flat color block on one or both sides to moderate the ratio, again after some training. Hope this helps. I’ve done my share of web development!