Just in: Ukraine draws up list of banned Russian artists

Anton Gerashteschenko of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has announced an entry ban on 500 Russian artists who backed the annexation of Crimea. No names yet. No guesses, however, who will top the list.


gergiev worry

The Ukrainians are also taking about banning Russian books and films, in order ‘to block Russian propaganda’.

That won’t win them many friends. Nor will it help counter Russian claims that Ukraine is turning fascist.

Told of the ban, the Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinski said: ‘I hope Ukraine has not completely lost its mind’.




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  • “Told of the ban, the Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinski said: ‘I hope Ukraine has not completely lost its mind’.”

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. Not that banning a list of artists is going to do any good.

  • Well, the Ukranian government also hasn’t released the air traffic control tapes of the MH 17 incident after confiscating them, nor explained why the airliner was flying off course. But of course they were democratically elected, weren’t they, so they must know what is best for the country.

  • Do they talk about banning all Russian books and films, or only those peddling blatant, anti-ukrainian propaganda ?

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