Just in: Composer assaulted, opera cancelled in St Petersburg

Ilya Demutsky, whose opera on the Pussy Riot protesters won an award in Italy last year, has been physically attacked in St Petersburg after being lured to a public location for a supposed television interview.

Dumtsky claims his latest opera, about a paedophile hunter who resembles a Russian nationalist, has been cancelled by several venues and threats have been made against his life. Read here (in English).

ilya demutsky2


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  • I bet an opera about ‘a paedophile-hunter who resembles a nationalist’ would go down like hot cakes in other European countries. Not to mention Bible-belt America – they’d be gagging for it, I’m sure.

  • Looks to me like a perfectly legitimate and rather interesting subject for an opera; a physical attack on its creator is a disgraceful and in fact a criminal act.

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