Just in: Berlin Philharmonic appoints teenaged trumpet

Just in: Berlin Philharmonic appoints teenaged trumpet


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2014

An 18 year-old Austrian, Florian Pichler, has joined the Berlin brass. The news was posted without fanfare on the Berlin Phil site. Pichler will play second trumpet but will often find himself in the #1 seat.

His appointment follows a bold move by the London Symphony Orchestra in naming its first teenaged principal player.

Getting younger all the time…


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  • Gerhard says:

    Congratulations! He must be a stunning talent to get there at this age. But I also noted that by today the BPh website speaks of September 2014 already in past tense. Philosophical deliberations aside, I know many orchestra websites – the one of my own band included, sigh – where updates take months, if not years to appear. This goes to show what not only a great orchestra, but also an excellent organisation this is.

  • Doremifa says:

    Is he kin to Günther Pichler, the ABQ’s 1st?

  • Michael Schaffer says:

    It would be very unusual if they asked him to play 1st trumpet, especially when he is in his trial period for 2nd.

  • Tanisha Martin says:

    He is very talented, and I love the way he plays the trumpet.

  • Gerardo Liñero says:

    Is he gone from the BP?