Joy at last: Millions flood into Minnesota Orchestra

Joy at last: Millions flood into Minnesota Orchestra


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2014

The former lock-out ensemble has announced $13.2 million in four separate gifts. Ten million came from one donor.

The new season opens September 5 with Renee Fleming.

Report here.

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  • GEll says:

    It is interesting if not outright annoying how the media has fixated itself to such an exaggerated level on the Minnesota Orch, as they have with Marilyn Monroe. Can we play a different record?

    • Amy says:

      Which “media” are you referring to, Gell? The national and international press was bound to at least acknowledge the highly unusual and lengthy lockout, with its overtones of union-busting and corporate agendas. And the local press was covering their own backyard, which they’re supposed to do.
      Or are you criticizing Norman’s determination to keep an eye on the aftermath?

  • anonymus says:

    US Plutocracy sometimes also has nice effects. But substantial nationwide public funding of culture would be more civilized and enlightened.

    • Greg Hlatky says:

      Europeans have no standing to discuss civilized behavior.

      • Gerhard says:

        What an intelligent and civilized statement, Mr. Hlatky!

      • anonymus says:

        Greg, it’s been 70 years. Since then the world has changed and the nation among the so called civilized ones that is killing innocent women and children today is mostly the US with their imperial foreign policies and their numerous wars fought for the wrong reasons.

    • Christy says:

      Well, on the other hand, the US is standing up for a European country being invaded and having its citizens massacred, while Europe, again, looks away. Countries like Germany and France have the luxury of devoting huge amounts of money to culture, as they depend on the US military to defend their own continent. It is not surprising that Poland, in the heart of Europe, has asked the United States to assist them today.

      Finally, the US provides more humanitarian aid throughout the world than any European country.

      I am sick of the US-bashing here regarding arts funding.

      • Christy says:

        To underscore, I am not saying the US is the greatest or that we shouldn’t fund more arts. We should have far more support for the arts.

        I am only saying that this looking down on the US is based on tunnel vision in many ways.

      • anonymus says:

        If you are talking about Ukraine, you might want to acknowledge the fact (that has been withheld form the US public by their mass media for obvious reasons) that the current dangerous situation in Ukraine was created mainly by massive US efforts to destabilize that country and stir unrest, over the last 10-15 years. The US has more or less secretly pumped over 5 billion US $ into dubious opposition groups. The US is following an aggressive proactive agenda to expand their imperial power under the disguise of NATO, trying to ring down the Russian resistance against takeover of their national resources by foreign entities. Please acknowledge the facts.

        • Amy says:

          Um, OT ….! (That means off topic in the netherworld of Kennedy assassination kooks. Right, Pamela?)

          Anyway. Congrats to the Minnesota Orchestra and here’s to a wonderful season.

  • SVM says:

    Well, this goes to prove that the Henson-supporters (some of whom resigned from the board in protest) were either bluffing or ignorant in their assertions that ‘without us, none of the rich people will donate to you’. In fact, judging by the timing (as Henson leaves), it is probable that these donors dug deep *because* the MO was finally rid of Henson and most of his cronies, and would not have donated, had Henson still been in post, come September.

    There is an important lesson in this for musicians and their negotiators everywhere: some board members may threaten the loss of donations if they did not get their way, but there will be more enlightened people outside, who will support you in your reasonable demands for equitable pay commensurate with your ability (both as individual musicians, and as members of a cohesive ensemble), and the immense amount of time and money you have invested and continue to invest in attaining and maintaining that ability. Stick with your principles, and ensure that managements neither force you to shoulder the whole burden of tight budgets nor impose unbearable working conditions that do not have major artistic benefit.