Is the new Beethoven blockbuster any good?

Steve Donoghue, a reviewer we trust on Open Letters Monthly, considers it a tour de force. Read review here.



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  • I never cease to be amazed at John “Bot” Axelrod’s indefatigable but nonetheless shameless promotion of his own wares in the most remote blog posts.

    • Ah yes, I also never cease to be amazed by the venomous attacks on this blog. Some people might actually be interested. However on slippeddisc most dont seem to have good intentions. Thank you May for enlightening me about the fact that you know better.

      • It is a breach of basic netiquette to use discussion threads to promote your own products, and I find it hard to believe that as a regular internet user you are not aware of this.

        • What? Since when. All artists promote themselves online and in discussion threads. And we have done it since the internet created blogs and threads. And the blog creators and commentators are promoting themselves in the process. What is the difference between a product and an opinion? None really. The opinion is free and worthless. The product is not, unless people like May and Philip Arlington think it is. Which seems to be the case. Its all so juvenile. Is Philip Arlington the internet police? Really, this is silly. I wanted people to know another thing Jan Swafford wrote and it is to mine and others benefit to be informed. Nothing more than that. Norman, May, Philip, you can have your netiquette and all your crazy slipped disc community and kvetch all you like….I should have known better than to even enter the fray…..You’ve heard the last of me…..Ciao.

  • Hi there John,
    well, as they say, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Had you not posted the exact same blurb on the post that the link leads to, I might not have called you out on this one. Don’t consider it an attack, rather feedback as to how comments are received by the slippedisc community.
    Cheers, May

    • May, I could say if you don’t like what you read, don’t read it. I can take the heat, (are you driving route66 in August?) but frankly your comment is as cold as a wet fish. I am flattered you’ve taken such interest in my postings. Social media is a complicated thing: one never knows how often and where one should post. However, that being said, the ONLY reason I posted this is because Norman wrote about Jan’s book and naturally there is synergy with his Brahms biography and his liner notes for my CD. My suggestion is to read Jan’s books and stay offline. And maybe you might even listen the CD. When you make a CD I’ll be willing to give it a listen too. Until then…..

      • Oh dear… John, we’re only trying to help, much like your wife might point out that you’ve got some parsley stuck between your teeth. Please realize that your obsessive compulsion to link (e.g. Route66 – as Reagan would say, “there you go again”) is ingratiating. Let your records sell themselves, or get someone to post for you – your job is to make the music, right? Or, if you must post AND plug, then get yourself a pseudonym; Carlos Kleiber would surely post under a witty moniker, were he still alive today.

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