Hot tips: What to do before recording an album

Hot tips: What to do before recording an album


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2014

The international voice coach Mikhail Hallak runs a boutique studio on the Upper West Side where opera singers are able to record in customised conditions.

But do the artists come prepared? Not all of them. So Mikhail has posted a few essential tips about shoes, scores, pianist, snacks.

For instance:

– Avoid Bärenreiter, it’s a great study guide but the piano reductions are terrible to play! You can use a score during a session; just make sure the page turns do not make noise. It has been our experience that one can create a better imaginary world/experience for themselves by not using a score but that is a personal choice.

– Bring whatever snack you love and make sure to take breaks. Use our kitchen if you want. Lots of people try to “race against the clock” and get as much music “in the box” as possible but sometimes a break, closing your eyes for a second and a shot of espresso will do so much more good than recording the same passage ten times.

… and more. Click here for the full guide.