Downton Abbey has never got it so wrong

Downton Abbey has never got it so wrong


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2014

The faux-1920s series takes great care over its period costumes, less over the authenticity of period speech and apparently none at all over mantelpieces. What’s that to the right, between the urns?


downton abbey

Downton Abbey publicity photo, released last night


A 21st century plastic water bottle. Well done, Downton. Can’t wait for the mobile phones.


  • Clive Turner says:

    At least they’d know the difference between an oboe and a bassoon.

  • PrewarTreasure says:

    Nought out of ten, Norman, for cribbing this from today’s Times newspaper.

  • Anne says:

    “Downton Abbey has never got it so wrong”

    No, Downton Abbey has got this absolutely right. I find it hard to believe that, out of all the people who must have been milling around the set, as well as the two actors and the photographer, nobody noticed.

    It’s a publicity stunt, and it worked.

    • Galen Johnson says:

      “Never ascribe to malice that which adequately can be explained by incompetence.” –Napoleon

      Or in this case, “planning.”

  • TV Less says:

    Is that show still going on? I liked the first four or five episodes but after that it rapidly degenerated into an expensive soap opera.