David Cameron is a classical guitar fan

David Cameron is a classical guitar fan


norman lebrecht

August 06, 2014

That’s what he says in the letter.

cameron letter



h/t: Guy Traviss


‘Well done and good luck!’ says Dave in the handwritten bit. ‘Our music is doing exceptionally well around the world and we will continue to address all the piracy issues. Yours, David’




  • Pedro says:

    unlike Roger Wright…

  • Anne says:

    If he is, and it’s a big “if”, it has taken a while to emerge.

    Anyone seen him within half a mile of a concert hall? (Any more than that would include the House of Commons and the RFH.)


    • Michael Smith says:

      St John’s Smith Square is less than half a mile from the Commons . . . not that I’ve ever seen him there.

  • Jonathon Higgins says:

    http://www.chadlingtonfestival.org.uk/archive/2007festival/events2007/ I think you’ll find they live nearby and have even collaborated together at the local music festival.as can be seen in the above link.