Arena di Verona to get a roof

Arena di Verona to get a roof


norman lebrecht

August 01, 2014

Heavy rains and occasional floods have prompted the town’s mayor to say he’s absolutely determined to put a lid on the opera. At least half of this summer’s performances so far have been called off. Wimbledon has rooofed itself successfully for the tennis.

But critics say a lid will kill the Arena’s charm and ruin the heritage site. Your thoughts, please? (Especially if you have sung there.)




  • Rob van der Hilst says:

    The point is: Roman arena’s had from day-1 on and always lid-facility’s, even the gigantic Coloseum in Rome. So in this case (and perhaps in similar cases in future): l’histoire se repete.

    • Jan de Jong says:

      The Colosseum in Rome was exceptional in having a velum or velarium ( a sort of awning over the theatre). It mainly protected against the sun. I don’t know other amphitheatres that had such a facility.
      I would prefer to keep an open sky and maintain the character of the Roman structure in Verona. Much more magic. The rain threat is also part of the experience.

      If a “roof” is considered, it should be done in such way that accousticts are not affected, and with respect for the Roman monument.