A Syrian violinist plays exquisite Sarasate

This is Nejmi Succari in 1968, playing Sarasate’s Introduction et Tarantelle, Op.43 and Paganini’s Caprice No. 9 In E Major, Op.1 in 1968. A product of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, he came eight in a tough year at the Reine Elisabeth:

nejmi succari


Concours Reine Elisabeth in 1963
1. Alexei Michlin (SU)
2. Semion Snitkovsky (SU)
3. Arnold Steinhardt (USA)
4. Zarious Schikhmursaieva (SU)
5. Charles Castleman (USA)
6. Masuko Ushioda (J)
7. Yossef Zivoni (IL)
8. Nejmi Succari (SYR)
9. Jean Ter-Mergerian (SU)
10. Hiderato Suzuki (J)

h/t: MeloClassic

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