50,000 years of music history in a few short lines

Clever. Really clever.

early music


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  • very cute and entertaining. i especially laughed at the way they depicted the singing castrato 🙂

    the odd thing is the way that they switched from art to entertainment at a very specific point. it is as if popular music did not exist before jazz and rock and as if artistic endeavors in orchestral and operatic music ceased to exist after Schoenberg and Stravinsky.

    i am both interested in the precursors to jazz and “pop” music before the advent of recording as well as the continued development of “classical” music after WWII.

  • I just finished (finally) all of the Robert Greenberg lectures on Great Courses. 48 lectures at 45 minutes apiece. I could have watched this instead. Think I’ll put on some Led Zeppelin.

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