40 music kids are locked up in Colditz. Are they digging tunnels?

Delighted to learn that the notorious prisoner-of-war camp is now being put to musical uses.

The state of Saxony runs music weekends in Schloss Colditz through the summer. These children are being coached in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by their teacher, Thu Trang Sauer.



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  • Locations like Colditz have to be either “reclaimed” by the civilised world – or demolished for what they represent.

    This is an excellent example of how a notorious site can be ‘re-owned’ for the sake of good. Probably these kids have little or no clue about WW2 – not even their grandparents were involved in it, and it’s become a remote event in past history. Far better to make this castle a centre of life-giving energy and inspiration for the future.

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