‘3 in 5 UK musicians suffer psychological problems’

A survey by Help Musicians UK finds a high level of mental illness and substance abuse in the professional community.

Of the 552 musicians who responded, more than half worked in classical music. Half of those who sought help from the National Health Service were disappointed by the outcome.

Among the respondents, 45 percent reported an alcohol problem.

Summary here. Full report here.

drunk musician



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  • It’s hard to rationalise the choice of photo used for this post, with the criticism yesterday on this blog of the Addicts Symphony programme. The photo used here does not appear in the report or the summary.

  • If only the Addicts’ Symphony casting producer had considered the orchestra picnic circuit. I believe this was from the NY Philharmonic in Central Park, no?

  • Interesting picture indeed – but if you look closely, you’ll notice a little puddle of drool accompanying her – clearly a conductor; not a musician ! Better choose more carefully next time. 😉 😛

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