Wagner’s Ring in a weekend

Some ideas are so glaringly obvious, you wonder why they don’t catch on. Gustav Kuhn is performing the complete Ring as a weekend holiday package in the Tirol. Rheingold on Friday night, the rest over Saturday and Sunday. Read here (auf Deutsch). Tickets still on sale.

wagner weekend


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  • Lacks ambition if you ask me! Cologne did the whole thing in two days (Saturday/Sunday) a few years back. And more than once I believe!

    • Please check your statement here. Dates? Complete? Sleeping time? The Erl run provides little sleep, and Das Rheingold is outside the 24 hours.

  • Gustav Kuhn is a great artist. Too bad the classical music world is such a hollow money trench, that nonconformist personalities like him are automatically rendered as “outlaws”.

  • “KUHN: Das Sorgenkind ist der “Siegfried”, denn der beginnt um 23 Uhr und endet nach 4 Uhr Früh.”

    Siegfried begins at 11pm and ends after 4am!?!

  • My favorite “complete” Ring was the one I heard Anna Russell perform. It was some of the best 15 minutes of my life.

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