US Airways knows its instruments



ANTLERS – large antlers my be checked in on most flights, (one RACK per passenger), for a fee of $150. On Dash * aircraft only medium sizes antlers will be accepted. On CRJ aircraft only small antlers will be accepted.

Musical instruments are considered a fragile item and may be checked in. Small instruments may be carried on. Large instruments considered TOO FRAGILE to be handled as checked baggage “by the customer” may be carried on board when an extra seat is purchased.
Cellos and BASS VIOLAS will only be accepted as seat baggage.


music airport 2

Now where did we put that bass viola?


h/t: Nick Durrant

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  • Quiet… don’t tell the airline. As long as their restriction only applies to ‘bass viola’ they might only apply to and bother ‘bass viola’ players. On a more serious tone they might mean bass viols, which would make sense. A bass viol, AKA bass viola da gamba can fit in an economy class seat. The last time a double bass would fit there was in the early seventies, or so I was told.

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