Two music students killed on way to international clarinet conference

Tragic news from Scott McAllister, professor of composition at Baylor University, Texas:

Two beautiful Baylor music students passed away today on the way to the International Clarinet Association conference. Look up in the sky tonight because if Laura Onwudinanti is as bright and inspiring in heaven as she was here with us, you will need your sunglasses. Prayers to the families and Megan and Jake for a speedy recovery.

Grim highway report here. A statement from Baylor here.


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  • You would think it was possible for educators with the status of professors to voice grief eloquently without resorting to maudlin rubbish about needing sunglasses to see the deceased shining in heaven!

  • What a terrible loss of young talented people. All best wishes for the family, friends and all involved.

    @Harold Lewis
    I may hope your words don’t reflect your main thoughts after reading this news.

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