‘The thing about critics,’ said Philip Glass. ‘Eventually, they die…’

‘The thing about critics,’ said Philip Glass. ‘Eventually, they die…’


norman lebrecht

July 26, 2014

Any composer or writer who has even received a bad review, or a string of them from the same critic, will find wisdom and encouragement  in this lovely reminiscence by Derek Bermel. Read here.


derek bermel

Now listen here: I love this piece.


  • Michael B says:

    Young composers, remember the words of Jean Sibelius: ‘No one ever built a statue of a critic’…..

    • Halldor says:

      Of course, poor old Sibelius obviously never saw the statues of Saint-Beuve, Berlioz, Bernard Shaw, Schumann, Roger Ebert, Clement Greenberg, Vladimir Stasov etc, but then, we’ve all said silly things after a few drinks.

    • Robert Stevens says:

      He was quoting Socrates who said “No one ever raised a monument for a critic.” Of course, back then they didn’t have a need for hero-worshiping as so many do today!