The first jazz teacher at Santa Cecilia

Giorgio Gaslini, the Italian jazz pianist who composed the soundtrack for Michelangelo Antonioni’s La notte (The Night, 1961), has died, aged 84.

He was the first teacher of jazz at Rome’s Santa Cecilia Academy.

giorgio gaslini

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  • Not only in Rome, he was also the first jazz teacher in Milano Conservatorio, in his city, where he formed a fantastic jazz band. I met him in those years, we were in the 80’s. 18 months ago I went to his Milano’s house to talk with him along with Angelo Teora, a clarinet player, one of his fav artist. We had to perform Gaslini’s clarinet concert with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra a couple of months later. He talked a lot of his music and we could listen also some his symphonic works and a wonderful Largo for orchestra inspired by the slow flow of Gange river in India. He played also the piano for us. We had a project to perform and record his 3 symphonies in the same concert. Rest in peace Giorgio, great Maestro and human being.

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