The best-designed violinist in the world

The best-designed violinist in the world


norman lebrecht

July 18, 2014

One of the few things everyone agrees on in the London orchestras is that, when it comes to shoes, no-one comes close to Maxine Kwok-Adams of the LSO’s first violins.

Maxine stnds out from the pack as she strides on stage in a gravity-defying succession of Manolo’s, Jimmy Choos and what-have-yous, every single shoe a winner and none worth less than a conductor’s fee. (She has other celebrity accoutrements, too, see pic).

maxine and clooney

Well, we have just received the following important information from the Musafia company of Cremona, Italy:

(Maxine’s) new Musafia – her no. 3 – is lined in a haute couture fabric depicting footwear galore, designed by none other than Blahnik himself, and supplied for the occasion. The very same material, in fact, that is the profile photo on the official Manolo Blahnik Facebook page.

Maybe Maxine can’t wear her latest Blahnik-Musafia, but her violin certainly can! 

Eat your hearts out, Berlin Phil!

maxine's musafia