Supreme Lieder accompanist wins Hugo Wolf Medal

Supreme Lieder accompanist wins Hugo Wolf Medal


norman lebrecht

July 23, 2014

It’s being awarded to Graham Johnson, the most dedicated follower of singers in Lieder – and sometimes leader of singers in Wolf.

Graham., 62, came to London at 17 from the former Rhodesia, accompanied Peter Pears’s masterclasses at Aldeburgh and founded The Songmakers Almanac. He has recorded all the major Lieder cycles and is regarded as the linear heir to Gerald Moore.

graham johnson


  • Russell Platt says:

    Bravo, bravissimo. His recording (with Lott and Schreier) of the “Italienisches Liederbuch” may be the finest ever. The DFD-Schwarzkopf-Moore version is a grand oil painting; this is shimmering watercolor. You realize how vulnerable, how tiny those songs really are.

  • Cornelia Weidner (Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie) says:

    The medal was awarded during the prize winner’s concert of the International Art Song Competition Stuttgart 2014. This competition goes with prizes in the amount of altogether 35,000 Euro – but this money is NOT connected to the medal. It went to the young winners of the competiton not to Graham Johnson.