Stunned silence at surprise Juilliard appointment

Stunned silence at surprise Juilliard appointment


norman lebrecht

July 11, 2014

Peter Sykes, a professor at Boston University, has announced on his Facebook page that he is joining Juilliard:


peter sykes

Today I am very happy to share the news that I will be joining the faculty of the Historical Performance Department of the Juilliard School in New York City as its teacher of harpsichord, starting in September. I will continue at Boston University and First Church in Cambridge, commuting to New York at regular intervals. I am very honored to have been invited to help train our next generation of fine harpsichordists, and will look forward to working with them in the fall.

No word about this from Juilliard, or what it means for the incumbent, Kenneth Weiss.

Our informants, who insist on anonymity, sound none too pleased.




  • JAMA11 says:

    Well by all means, let us cast aspersions and spread gossip!

  • kevin mallon says:

    Peter Sykes is a musicians of extraordinary ability and dedication. He has every right to announce and celebrate his appointment to Juilliard, and to be proud of the appointment.

    I do not know what this means for Kenneth Weiss- but, regardless, why not let Peter enjoy his well earned success? The Juilliard students will truly benefit from his tuition.

    If there is any scandal, Peter is lightly not part of this, but has simply responded to a job offer.