Sir James Galway leads tribute to Lorin Maazel

Today’s concert at the Castleton Festival went ahead, despite the death of its founder. The concert, dedicated to the memory of Lorin Maazel, featured the great flautist, who first played in his orchestras, in London and Berlin, half a century ago. Most of the programme was music by Maazel. The conductors were graduates of his seminar.

The programme:

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 – Sergei Prokofiev
Narrated by: Margaret Warner


The Empty Pot, Op. 16 – Lorin Maazel

The Giving Tree, Op. 15 – Lorin Maazel
Soloist: Daniel Lelchuk

Irish Vapours and Capers – Lorin Maazel
Guest Soloist: Sir James Galway


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  • I believe those “graduates,” as you call them – Maestro Maazel’s personally chosen 2014 conducting fellows – are the finest example of his most important work in recent years. His support for young, up-and-coming, professional conductors and other musicians was simply extraordinary, and his passion will live on in them.

    It must have been extremely difficult for those conductors, and Sir James, during that concert.

  • For Galway? Oh no — he’ll just take a few swigs and then go out and play. I recall being with Galway at Tanglewood when the news came of Karajan’s death. Galway’s only comment about it was: “I sure hope it hurt!”.

    • Musicmuse,

      What a cruel, heartless and ridiculous comment to make about Sir James Galway or anyone for that matter and especially at a time of grieving for the Maazel family and Galway’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if you took a few swigs before you posted your comments.

  • Musicmuse

    I’ve had private conversations with Sir James Galway about von Karajan. He NEVER would had said that.

  • That comment is totally uncalled for and a disgrace. I have known the Galways for many years and know they will be devistated at that remark. Ever heard of Defamation or slander? You are dangerously close. Leave folk to grieve in peace

  • Regarding the comment commented above: whenever I write a comment here I get the note that it is waiting for moderation. Is it, really?

  • Well, now I see that there is no more moderation here. Let’s hope that all that rubbish usual elsewhere will not just slip here and that this place will keep it’s tatse, sanity and common sense.

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