It’s symphony vs opera on Wimbledon centre court today

Roger Federer loves Beethoven, goes to concerts and might have made a great violinist (the last, according to Anne-Sophie Mutter).

Novak Djokovic is (a mutual friend informs us) an opera fanatic, especially of Verdi.

It’s a clash of cultures in today’s final.

Federer with mum vsdjokovic_dessay

(with Mum at Rotterdam Phil)                        (with Natalie Dessay at the Met. photo Ken Howard)

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  • I know this is a rough and ready comparison, very, but what are the chances of two British sports men or women having interests like this and, if they did, what would be the chances of them revealing it?

    I don’t follow tennis but I have a lot of time for Roger Federer.

  • Apparently, Novak knows his Mozart, too. I’m told there is/was a YouTube clip of him meeting Natalie Dessay backstage at the Met and greeted her with Leporello’s Notte e giorno faticar. Good man.

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