Inside tip: Vienna Philharmonic to play pop venues in Russia

Our man in the Kremlin is a little perplexed that the Vienna Phil have put themselves in the hands of a rock manager for future Russian tours.

Their next visit, with Riccardo Muti in April 2015, will feature two concerts inside the Kremlin, in a hall with poor acoustics that was built 40 years ago for Communist Party congresses.


In St Petersburg they will play in the main pops Oktyabrsky concert hall.

Wait til Muti hears that sound…. He won’t be happy.

Earlier this year, the Vienna Phil played a Beethoven cycle with Christian Thielemann in the outstanding Tchaikovsky Hall.




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    • That is the reason that I think Norman actually meant the Large Hall of the Moscow “Tchaikovsky” Conservatoire which is a much better auditorium for symphonic concerts.

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