If Gerald Finley is opera’s Mick Jagger, who is rock’s Joyce DiDonato?

The first question is an absurd Telegraph headline.

The second should furrow some brows.

With unique artists, you cannot compare like with like.

joyce didonato maria stuarda

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  • Although it is certainly true that unique entities cannot – nor should they – be compared, and although I do not defend the Telegraph willingly, it seems to me that the headline to which you refer is calling the character Don Giovanni, rather than Mr. Finley, ‘the Mick Jagger of opera’.

  • The headline in the Telegraph is quote clear in calling Don Giovanni the Mick Jagger of opera. Presumably more than Mr. Finley plays him (D. Hvorostovsky comes to mind, somehow…)..

    Not the first instance n SD of headlines being misrepresented. And, as headlines do sometimes misrepresent the stories they top, I read the article carefully. The point of the story was never to compare Finley and Jagger.

  • I love Gerald Finley. He was great in “Die Meistersinger” and I’m looking forward to watching the free streaming of “Don Giovanni.” But what’s with the corny modern costume? Why do they have to ruin operas that way?

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