Decca star flies in to bail out the Bowl

The Hollywood  Bowl has been hit by a double cancellation next Tuesday. Esa Pekka Salonen can’t make it for personal reasons and Yefim Bronfman has to undergo a medical procedure.

Flying in for Bronfman is Decca’s young Uzbek wonder, Behzod Abduraimov. Salonen is replaced by James Gaffigan.



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  • Wonderful to become acquainted with such a superb young pianist. But I wonder why there is a substantial and very obvious cut in that vdo at around 12′ 33″ in the Allegro scherzando. It must be close to 2 minutes missing!

    • I’ll take a guess at a technical reason rather than anything untowards. It looks as though it was not filmed by a swanky professional team, but the image quality is decent. We could imagine it might be recorded on a digital SLR camera, e.g. a Canon 5D (MkII) or similar. These cameras often have a recording limit, whereupon they stop recording to write the file to the memory card, and have to be man ally re-started (they are, of course, stills cameras with a video function bolted on; not a video camera first and foremost, though many use them as video cameras because they do that very well). The time recording restriction on a Canon 5D is, I think, around 12mins or so, so the idea that it might cut out around 12mins and then be re-started a little while later is plausible and fits with the timing in this video.

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