Competition winner picks start-up agency over major suitors

The Australian pianist Jayson Gillham, winner of the Montreal Piano Competition, has signed an agency deal with Emblem Artists, a one-woman firm that has just one other artist on its books – the violinist Nicola Benedetti.

Emblem is owned by Elaine Armstrong, a refugee from the crumbling edifice of IMG Artists.

Jayson (centre) is thrilled to be getting dedicated, professional attention.

jayson gillham

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  • Young fledglings don’t generally “pick” agencies. It’s quite the other way around. And with “major” piano competitions happening now in every city on earth, “winning” can be more of a liability these days.

    • Absolutely true and I am sure Norman knows this full well 😉 Of course the details are unique in every instance and it is possible that this artist was highly sought-after. But much more likely these two feel they can help each other….as any positive agent/artist relationship should be. I wish them both all the best!

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