A statement by the World Orchestra for Peace

A statement by the World Orchestra for Peace


norman lebrecht

July 17, 2014

The World Orchestra for Peace confirms BBC Proms Concert


The World Orchestra for Peace, founded by Georg Solti with players from major orchestras and inherited by Valery Gergiev, has confirmed that its scheduled concert at the BBC Proms on 20th July is proceeding as planned.  Although TWOP had conditionally also planned to hold concerts in Munich and Aix-en-Provence, it was not able to go ahead with these plans due to lack of funding.  We understand that TWOP gave notice to the festival organisers well in advance (by the end of March) that it would not be able to go ahead with the planning of these concerts.

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  • Peter says:

    So the schedule would have been:

    Thursday 17th July: Gergiev conducting Mariinsky, guest performance at Latvian National Opera.

    Sunday 20th: TWOP, Proms
    21st: Aix
    22nd: Munich

    24th Proms with the LSO.

    Who needs rehearsal?

  • peace says:

    How ironic is that, Gergiev heading “The World Orchestra for Peace”?

    Maybe he can take the orchestra on a world tour in every region Putin has invaded (which Gergiev has whole heartedly endorsed): Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea.

    Heck, why not just a command performance for Putin at the Kremlin.

    • Lena Nikoulin says:

      And what about the USA – militarily invaded 20 countries in 30 years not to mention economic aggressions and not to mention much longer list of aggressions since 1945 amounting to 69 countries? I would like to see New York Philharmonic touring for free all the countries where America brought devastation . Need I put a similar list for London Symphony to visit countries that American poodle Britain obediently attacked? Look at the mirror please.
      Here is American aggressor world tour list .
      1. Grenada (1983-1984)
      2. Bolivia (1986)
      3. Virgin Islands (1989)
      4. Liberia (1990; 1997; 2003)
      5. Saudi Arabia (1990-1991)
      6. Kuwait (1991)
      7. Somalia (1992-1994; 2006)
      8. Bosnia (1993-)
      9. Zaire/Congo (1996-1997)
      10. Albania (1997)
      11. Sudan (1998)
      12. Afghanistan (1998; 2001-)
      13. Yemen (2000; 2002-)
      14. Macedonia (2001)
      15. Colombia (2002-)
      16 Pakistan (2005-)
      17. Syria (2008; 2011-)
      18. Uganda (2011)
      19. Mali (2013)
      20. Niger (2013)
      21. Yugoslavia (1919; 1946; 1992-1994; 1999)
      22. Iraq (1958; 1963; 1990-1991; 1990-2003; 1998; 2003-2011)
      23. Angola (1976-1992)

      • Neil McGowan says:

        You make a very good point, Lena Nikoulin. Peace is not the unique monopoly of one country or one state.

        Perhaps the next Proms Controller will be brave enough to include a Proms Concert Performance of Beethoven’s FIDELIO – dedicated to holding US President Barack Obama to his “solemn pledge” to both close Gitmo and permit its illegally-held detainees to return to their home countries?

        Aside from being a fine opera with magnificent music, it’s Beethoven’s testament to us. It might even cause Obama to take the Human Rights bucket off his head???

        • Halldor says:

          But has the current music director of the NYPO actively endorsed any of these events – as Gergiev has openly endorsed Putin’s policies?

  • Neil McGowan says:

    But Gergiev has supported the democratic right of the people of Crimea to hold a referendum on their own destiny. That’s democracy in action. Or perhaps you oppose democracy – in favour of doing what Uncle Sam tells you?

    Perhaps this is the kind of ‘democracy’ you’d favour?

    When people start argy-bargy about “who they hate” (as you do), it’s always revealing to look into what they actually support instead?

    Doesn’t make for pretty viewing, does it?

    • Tim Walton says:

      If you think that referendum in Crimea was fair & legitimate and open to everyone, then you’re even more stupid that degenerate despot called Putin