A much-loved American pianist has died

A much-loved American pianist has died


norman lebrecht

July 01, 2014

The quiet legend that was Howard Karp has gone to his rest aged 84. Howard, Chicago born, heard Rachmaninov play and was smitten for life. He taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for over 30 years and performed there every season for ten years more.

He made a few recordings, most recently a Schubert album on the Albany label. A fabulous, old-school artist.
howard karp


  • John says:

    R.I.P. Howard came to Madison after I had graduated, but I had occasion to ask his advice at one point and he was extremely kind and helpful. He was a major presence there, and the Karp Family Concerts were a much anticipated event every year.

  • John McInerney says:

    A splendid performance of one of Schubert’s trickiest and quirkiest bsonata finales. I’ll get the whole series based on this alone.