Why you may sound better singing naked

Why you may sound better singing naked


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2014

May sound? The Australian composer and chorus director Gordon Hamilton believes we always sound better when singing in the shower, and goes on to explain why. Read here. I’ve always wanted to know why….

singing naked in shower


  • Dr Peter Lim says:

    You sing better when you shower
    Leave not in 10 minutes, stay an hour
    Even Pavarotti couldn’t have sung better
    You got your high Cs —you need not practise further

  • RW2013 says:

    a desperate Antipodean cry for attention 🙁

  • Ks. Christopher Robson says:

    Well, why not! 🙂

  • Thinking of the volume many opera singers produce, also where it is not musically and/or acoustically necessary, it seems that most of them build their career on taking a shower.

  • I heard that Johannes Kaufmann sings 45 minutes fortissimo in the concert hall’s toilet just before mounting the stage.